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Women's Ministries
We encourage and challenge women in their daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ as they uplift Him in the church and in the world.

NCC Women’s Ministries News


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The NCC Women’s Ministries Department exists to uphold, encourage, and challenge Seventh-day Adventist women in their daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ and as members of His world church. The mission of Women’s Ministries is, in the larger sense, common to all Christians — that of uplifting Christ in the church and in the world.



  1. Provide spiritual—as well as emotional and social—nurture to every woman in NCC to encourage them to experience a vibrant relationship with Jesus.
  2. Determine to invite women from the community and non-attending members to all Women’s Ministries activities.
  3. Become involved in nurturing new member ministries.


  1. A Ministry for Every Woman is the foundation of Women’s Ministries. Seek to ensure that every woman in the Church is involved in at least one area of ministry or service.
  2. Provide leadership training to women as a framework for developing leadership skills.
  3. Mentor and involve young women, girls, and teens in Women’s Ministries activities.
  4. Enditnow: Break the Silence About Abuse. Educate about and prevent abuse in every form, and help bring healing to abuse victims.


  1. Tell your world. Evangelism in North America by women. Involvement in your community. God in Shoes mission projects in your community, conference, or union.
  2. Reconnect with women (and by extension their families) who have stopped attending church.


  1. An active Women’s Ministries program in at least 85% of churches in NCC by 2015.To assist the widows of the Congo become self-supporting by buying goats for $50.
  2. Contributing to the building of churches, schools and a clinic in Goma and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


The Women’s Ministries Department serves as a facilitator to nurture, empower, and provide resources to help women tailor their ministries to the needs and interests of their local congregations and communities.

Twelve dedicated women, representing our area geographically and ethnically, form the Women’s Ministries Advisory Board. This group provides counsel and assists in dispersing our portion of the annual offering for women’s ministries in support of events and projects that will be a special blessing to the women in the local churches, as well as the Young Women’s Ministries Advisory Board, breast cancer awareness, the Congo Widows Mission Project, and the EnditNow (Abuse Prevention) Task Force.


We want to reach 85% of women in the Northern California Conference by 2020.

Objectives — This ministry seeks to:

  • Foster spiritual growth and renewal among women.
  • Affirm that women are of inestimable worth by virtue of their creation and redemption, equip them for service in the church, and offer women’s perspectives on church issues.
  • Minister to the broad spectrum of women’s needs across the life span, with due regard for multicultural and multiethnic perspectives.
  • Cooperate with other specialized departments of the church to facilitate the ministry to women and of women.
  • Build goodwill among women in the world church that encourages bonds of friendship, mutual support, and the creative exchange of ideas and information.
  • Mentor and encourage Seventh-day Adventist women, creating paths for their involvement in the church as they reach for their potential in Christ.
  • Find ways and means to challenge each Seventh-day Adventist woman to use her gifts to complement the talents of others as they work side by side to further the global mission of the church.


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